About Pepe Duarte

I am a Headhunter with 10+ years of experience in recruiting, and more than 20 years in human resources.  Throughout my professional life, I have coached more than 300 people to assist them in finding the job of their dreams.  I have shared my expertise and skills as a Life Coach and Career Consultant to support people to find their own path in life.  I am the owner of “Encuentratrabajo.net”,  I provide tools to empower people to find a new career in life in their own country, or helps them plan the big decision to move to another place. It is not just finding a job – it is having the job of your life… your dream job.
People describe me as a very enthusiastic and happy person, who is always open to collaborating on a different kind of project to build a better word. I strongly believe in the benefit of supporting his community, and for this reason, I actively participated in diverse groups. I have served as President of the EXATEC Vancouver Chapter, Volunteer at Chemo Crisis line, Leader Coordinator at Vancouver SunRun, Coach of families with kids with disabilities, Mentor at ConneTra and Organizer for Cultural Affairs in Talentos Mexicanos in BC.
One of my core beliefs is that you can have an amazing life. To give action to this quote, in 2007, I ran my first Marathon in New York, US. Now having run almost 15 marathons,  I share my love for life and running by volunteering in groups to support people to run. I believe you can «run happy, in your happy place».
My 15 years of experience in the classroom has resulted in my students seeing me as a mentor in life, and one of the best teachers to coach people to reach their goals.
I am a happy husband and proud father of two beautiful girls, I am committed to continuing to contribute to a better world.