Joy and Work

Joy and Work

Why can some find a good job, and others in the same field of work cannot?

In all my years as a coach or head-hunter, I have noticed one important difference in the people who have successfully found a dream job. This difference is in their ATTITUDE.

A positive attitude can open more doors than a negative or complaining attitude.

People with a positive attitude normally look for options or find possibilities instead of getting stuck in the same situation time after time.

Positive thoughts have positive energy to attract positive emotions, feelings and relationships. It is common for people with the same energy to flock together. If you want to know more about a person, ask about their close friends and how their relationships are. Ask them how they live. You will find that people with the same emotions attract people who are alike. The same happens in the labour market. People who are looking for a job attract the job they want. Maybe this is a philosophical stage, but in my experience when somebody is looking for a job and always keeps a positive attitude, their dream job COMES TO THEM.

For example, I worked with a client who was looking for a job with stability and good benefits, but most importantly, a good environment. She found an opportunity in a local coffee shop; obviously, it wasn´t a dream job, but she enjoyed it and loved it, serving people, smiling, preparing coffee and laughing with kids. She had a contagious positive attitude. One day she went to the bank and the cashier said: «Hi, you work at the coffee shop, don’t you?». She answered yes. They talked and he offered her an opportunity to work at the bank. They talked more about her work experience and after a few weeks, she started a new position at the bank. More salary, good benefits and the stability she wanted!

Joy in your job is one of the best dreams in life. My father says «If you love your work, you never go to work!»

We work with our clients how to show their joy for life to their prospective employer because people who have joy in life are people who attract the same people and jobs in their fields.

One factor to have a dream job is checking your attitude in life. How do you show to other people that you enjoy what you are doing? Show your joy and positive things will start to happen.