New in Canada

If you are new in Canada and you are looking for an opportunity in your field is highly recommendable the following tools

  • Make a plan, develop an action plan to apply for opportunities
  • Prepare Plan B, Plan C… to get to your main goal sometimes is important to establish steps and follow the path listening to the message from the «universe» or from people with more experience
  • Be prepared to connect with people, did you know that 80% of the positions are not into the internet? why? People meet other people in an informal event or situation and after one talk (informal interview) in a lot of situation the next step is a job offer.
  • Prepare your documents in the Canadian style
  • If you want to be a soccer player, you have to look like a soccer player, talk as a soccer player, walk as a soccer player and you will be a soccer player one day. If you want to work in a particular industry is important to connect con people in that industry to know how they talk, walk or work!
  • Are you willing to try another profession?
  • Are you willing to probe a transition job?
  • Planning happenstance
  • You know how to sell your Soft skills
  • Research about Labour Market